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VITALY is a powerful and moving memoir that will inspire you to rise above challenges and discover your strength and purpose. This touching book tells the story of an orphan’s search for a family and identity and how he rises above the tragedy of not finding the family of his dreams. Divided into three parts, this orphan true story is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration and hope in their own life.

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Part One

Chapter 1. Once Upon a Time
Chapter 2. My First Misadventure
Chapter 3. Lullabies in the Rain
Chapter 4. The Buried Secret
Chapter 5. Childish Love
Chapter 6. Bandits
Chapter 7. Octobrists’ Summer
Chapter 8. Queen of Spades
Chapter 9. Zarnitsa
Chapter 10. Talent Show
Chapter 11. Botsya’s Mother
Chapter 12. Loved Ones Lost
Chapter 13. Chernobyl
Chapter 14. Pan Kotsky
Chapter 15. The Lord’s Prayer
Chapter 16. Too Bloody Curious
Chapter 17. My Dear Mommy
Chapter 18. Surprise Visit
Chapter 19. A New Family

Part Two

Chapter 20. Bazaar Food
Chapter 21. Seconds
Chapter 22. Bra Dag Sweden
Chapter 23. Our New Home
Chapter 24. Playing Games
Chapter 25. New Friends
Chapter 26. The Power of Words
Chapter 27. History Lesson
Chapter 28. Christmas Traditions
Chapter 29. Carol of the Bells
Chapter 30. My Sweet Sixteen
Chapter 31. Much Needed Help
Chapter 32. Family Reunion
Chapter 33. Impossible Dreams
Chapter 34. Vocational School

Part Three

Chapter 35. My First Job
Chapter 36. Valya’s Greed
Chapter 37. Girls
Chapter 38. New Life and Loss
Chapter 39. The One Who Loved
Chapter 40. University
Chapter 41. Searching for Jesus
Chapter 42. Evils of Alcohol
Chapter 43. Disappointment
Chapter 44. Broken Families
Chapter 45. Choices
Chapter 46. Beginnings Start with Endings

“Vitaly” Book Reviews


When I purchased this book, I thought it would be another empathetic life story. Oh boy, how wrong I was! “Vitaly” turned out to be the best book I’ve read in years. I always believe true stories are far more exciting and interesting than Fiction. I wasn’t the same person when I finished reading, and I could feel the transformation. It’s nothing short of magic.

Arthur B.Biochemistry Consultant

This book really resonated with me. The feelings of being 'different' very much mirrored my own feelings growing up. And the way he described how he dealt with those feelings were also mine. Great!

Jake N.Graphic Designer

Vitaly’s story is one of a coming of age during a tumultuous time in Ukraine. It was fascinating to see his perseverance through difficult times, and to join him on his quest for love and acceptance.

Doug Kirkpatrick

Vitaly's story of boyhood life is so full of personal stories of his thinking, living, surviving trouble, satisfying curiosity, learning, not settling, and building confidence, that it is hard to put down. I loved it.

I was surprised by how the story affected me. Instead of using fancy vocabulary and overly-descriptive imagery, authors Vitaly used simple language that your average reader could understand. My favorite was Into Adulthood because that was when he had more awareness and fire to live a better life he could be proud of. I loved this book!

Kimball K.Property Manager

I enjoyed reading some funny and some sad stories about Vitaly. His stories are a good example of endurance and perseverance. I didn't know the difficult circumstances people in other countries faced, until I read the book. The book is a true eye opener!


Deeply moving and truly inspiring, transformational journey – Highly Recommended!
“Vitaly – Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan”, is one of the best autobiography books I’ve come across so far, if not the best. “Vitaly” is not another autobiography, it’s a transformational journey. An excellent book and highly recommended!

Vitaly: The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan tells the inspiring story of a young boy's search for love in a place where he is one of many, and their caregivers meet only their physical needs. Even in his less-than-ideal circumstances and with meager possessions, he finds joy in the simple things in life. Reading 'Vitaly' was indeed an enriching experience.


There’s an especial poignancy in reading this book right now as war rages in Ukraine (June 2022) but it would make for poignant reading at any time. ... This is no misery memoir, but a clear-sighted and largely non-judgmental account of his life. Highly recommended.


I enjoyed reading this book, because it was not one of those 'I grew up in an orphanage and it was hell' books, but it gave a good view of what it was like growing up as a young boy in an orphanage in Ukraine, with all the ups and downs, but showing that there is a lot of optimism even in a situation like this.

Vitaly believed that one day his life would be free and full of the joy he knew he deserved to have. He wanted to stand out with his knowledge and good grades, so he learned from a very young age that he had to work for everything he wanted. This autobiography was well written and I would recommend Vitaly to readers who like rich stories with strong messages.

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