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The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan

A personal story about a Ukrainian orphan’s desire to find a family and an honest definition of himself while growing up in Communist and then post-Communist Independent Ukraine.

Vitaly is one of the best autobiography books you’ll ever read.

Vitaly Book - The Best Memoir Book To Read And The Best Autobiographies &Amp; The Best Books To Read

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Meet Vitaly, the author, and Linda, the editor of one of the best memoir books to read.

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See the author's personal story, from his childhood home in Chernivtsi, Ukraine to an adult passion that would take him across the globe. This is the best Ukrainian story you’ll see chronicled not only on paper in the “Vitaly” book, but through the lenses of multiple cameras.

“Vitaly” Book Reviews

Arthur B.Biochemistry Consultant

This book really resonated with me. The feelings of being 'different' very much mirrored my own feelings growing up. And the way he described how he dealt with those feelings were also mine. Great!

Jake N.Graphic Designer

Vitaly’s story is one of a coming of age during a tumultuous time in Ukraine. It was fascinating to see his perseverance through difficult times, and to join him on his quest for love and acceptance.

Doug Kirkpatrick

Vitaly's story of boyhood life is so full of personal stories of his thinking, living, surviving trouble, satisfying curiosity, learning, not settling, and building confidence, that it is hard to put down. I loved it.

Kimball K.Property Manager

I enjoyed reading some funny and some sad stories about Vitaly. His stories are a good example of endurance and perseverance. I didn't know the difficult circumstances people in other countries faced, until I read the book. The book is a true eye opener!

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