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Below is the Ukraine War Map. Here you'll find the Ukraine update and Ukraine news, where the Russian army has its presence. Ukraine War began on February 24th, 2022. Russians attacked Ukraine's top cities without any good reason. The Ukraine history repeats itself and tells us about the bravery of the Ukrainians, as Ukrainians continue to stand firm in defending the freedom that they fought for over three hundred years.

Ukraine War Map And Russian Invation Directions - Ukraine News Ukraine History Ukrainhe Update

Map and Russian Military Presence. Source:
  1. The Ukrainian army has built a front line. This is an important operational achievement. The Russian columns lost the possibility of advancing in any chosen direction. This does not mean that the defense is stabilized, it means that Ukraine has restored organized resistance. Since the Ukrainian leadership did not mobilize the operational reserve and troops before the war, every day of resistance gives us the opportunity to mobilize forces now. Ukraine is strengthening.
  2. The situation near Kyiv remains tense – the Ukraine invasion continues. The enemy continues to slowly push through our defenses near Irpen, Bucha, and Makarov, heavy fighting is going on there. Russian troops are trying to take control of the Zhytomyr highway and envelop Kyiv from the west in order to cut off logistics and the delivery of reinforcements. In various cities in the Zhytomyr region, the Russian Federation inflicts missiles and airstrikes. The Russian army, according to the Chechen scenario, simply demolishes any suspicious houses with tanks and artillery, without checking whether there are residents there or not. However, in response to terror, the Russians suffer huge losses and their groups are gradually losing their combat capability.
  3. Russia continues to operate in various directions in order to maintain the strategic initiative and prevent the Ukrainian command from concentrating reserves. The fettering of Ukrainian troops is also carried out with the help of aviation and missile terror, the destruction of major cities. The enemy is trying to gain a foothold in the southern direction.
  4. The situation near Kharkiv. The enemy does not conduct active ground combat operations, since all their attacks are repulsed with heavy losses. But the enemy is trying to tie down the actions of the defenders of Kharkiv with constant rockets, artillery, and airstrikes, defiantly destroying residential areas, dozens of strikes were made on multi-story buildings, the city's life support system.
  5. Russian troops are regrouping in the Balakleya area. They threaten to capture Kharkiv from the east. But the main direction of action of this group is Raisins. Raisin is subjected to attacks by Russian aircraft and artillery. An attempt by the Russians to capture the city is immediately repelled.
  6. Zaporizhzhia region. Russian troops are concentrating their efforts on securing the captured Energodar and at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Another Russian group threatens Gulyai-Pole. The Russians are building a railway and are trying to gain a foothold in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.
  7. It is obvious that the activity of the two Russian groups in Balakliya and in Pologi creates threats in various directions, however, the most likely direction of their strikes will be an attempt to narrow the supply corridor in the Donbas by strikes on Izyum from the north and on Gulyai-Polye from the south and force the Ukrainian troops to leave the Donbas.
  8. Mariupol is a key city in the southern Donbas, heroically fighting in the encirclement under fire from Russian aircraft and artillery. Today in Mariupol, an 18-month-old child died from a direct hit by a Russian shell. The Russians are trying to knock out our garrison and force them to surrender. Russia is trying to create a scenario for a second Ilovaisk in Mariupol but on an even larger scale.
  9. Volnovakha. Ukrainian troops heroically hold Volnovakha. The Russian command continues to attack in order to capture the city, to dislodge our troops from the southern Donbas, and further push our positions away from Mariupol. Yesterday, in the battle near Volnovakha, our soldiers destroyed the battalion commander of the Russian battalion “Sparta”.
  10. Mykolaiv region. Ukrainian troops pushed the Russians back from Nikolaev and Voznesensk. However, the enemy continues to pose a threat in these areas and intends to capture our main ports and the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. The situation remains tense.
  11. Chernihiv. The heroic defense of the city continues, our troops firmly hold their positions. The Russians are trying to suppress our forces with constant aviation terror.
  12. Sumy, Okhtyrka. The heroic defense of these cities continues. Russian aviation terrorists destroyed the life support system of cities in order to force residents to leave their land.
  13. The popular uprising in all the occupied territories is of inestimable importance. The united resistance of the people of Ukraine frustrates all of Putin's plans to take over the country and compensates for the miscalculations made in the organization of our defense, especially evident in the south. Therefore, any kind of resistance, explicit or implicit, from every citizen, any help with information, participation in protests, sabotage against the invaders are of great importance.


  1. Ukraine withstood the first blow of the Russian army. The operational pause in the actions of the Russian troops is associated with heavy losses and regrouping to bring up the rear.

  2. After the failure of attempts to encircle Kyiv and Kharkiv, the Russian command concentrated its main efforts on fighting on communications and cutting off the and Donbas from Ukraine.

  3. After a series of defeats in ground battles, the Russian command began to use openly terrorist tactics and shoot residential areas, kill the civilian population, which allegedly was going to “denazify”.

  4. Stopping the advance of the Russian columns and frustrating their maneuver is possible only through constant pressure on their communications. Only the use of active defensive tactics in various directions will make it possible to force the enemy to withdraw and liberate our land. An operational pause is necessary for the enemy to consolidate and restore losses, he is also very vulnerable.

  5. Ukraine still outnumbers the Russian army in terms of numbers, motivation, and morale, but the enemy has an advantage in mobility, in armored vehicles and artillery, in aircraft and missile weapons. The key factor that determines the Ukrainian victory is the unity of the Ukrainian people in the struggle. However, to win a war, mobilization, armament, and training are necessary. And this time, which we achieve at the cost of resistance. Work for victory goes on every second, all Ukrainians are united by only one thing – the desire to win.

Source: Yuri Butusov, Censor.NET

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