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Many of us dont find time to cook something healthy at home. Instead, we go to fast food chains such as McDonald’s or Arby’s. Well, I am sure that this does not help you in staying healthy. That’s why I put together a simple recipe for healthy chicken soup in 30 minutes that will feed you the entire week (lunches). Try this healthy recipe and let me know what you think about it.

2lbs of healthy 100% natural chicken breasts
half bag of mixed vegetables
2 onions
1 small bag of baby spinach
1 bag of green onions
16 oz of yummy mushrooms (optional)
spices (salt, pepper, etc)
half of lemon (or lemon juice)

Soup PotMake sure you have a good size pot. I dont remember the size of the pot I have at home, but it is pretty decent size and I can feed 10 people easily with one cook off.

Fill the pot with water (half way only)

Cimg4431Cut your healthy chicken into small cubes and put them in cold water. Remember, to never put any meet in hot water. I will post my tips about cooking in my Tips section.

Cimg4433Well, I started to cook at 9pm. I finished about 9:30. I encourage to cook right not in a hurry. Sometimes depending on the products you are going to use in the soup it may take a little longer to cook. For example, if I add mushrooms and green peppers, then cooking time may increase by another 10 minutes.

Chicken For BorschStart cooking your chicken. Once it starts boiling too much, reduce the heat. Make sure that you collect all the foam from the top of the water. Also, in order to preserve the vitamins, cover the pot with the lid.
B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4136.JpgCut onions into small cubics. If you start crying while cutting the onions, get closer to your sink with the streaming water. Don’t rub your eyes with your hands, because it will cause you to cry more.
B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4139.JpgIn this recipe I excluded green peppers. I would recommend to put whatever you want. But since it is a quick version of the soup, I just added white and green onions.

Cimg4436Yumm, all the vegetables in one bag. I dont need to go and search for carrots, peas, corn, and other ingridients. Everything is in this bag. Just add it to your soup.

Cimg4438Add your green onions and mixed vegetables into a pot with chicken and white onions in it. I added half of the bag. It should be plenty.

Cimg4440Cooking time is 18 minutes so far and we are almost done with the soup. Just a few touch ups and soup is ready. Meanwhile, relax and wait for another few minutes before adding more ingredients.

Cimg4441Make sure to cook your soup under the covered lid. You want to keep all your nutrients in the water so you can eat healthy chicken soup and not just plain soup.

Cimg4442Always try to cook your food under small steady heat. Dont try to increase your heat in hopes that you would get soup cooked faster. By increasing the heat, you increase chances of all nutrients to “fly away” from your healthy soup pot.

Cimg4444I like to add spinach to my food. I never doubted in an incredible healthy power of spinach. Just like Papaya, who was a strong man who ate a lot of spinach. Add spinach almost at the end of your cooking.

Cimg4445The soup is almost ready. After you added spinach, you have to let it cook for 4-5 minutes. Then add your favorite spices, and if you wish, add some lemon juice and garlic. Garlic during the winter is always good to eat, it prevents you from getting cold.

Cimg4446Serve your soup to yourself, friends and family. If you have left overs, you can poor the soup into your lunch containers and take them to work. I had enough soup for the entire week of lunches.

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