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Did you know how much food you can prepare with just a few vegetables and some meat? Well, I took some time to preapre my favorite dishes for a few of my friends on St. Patricks day. Oh, and next time you would like to be invited to my dinner party, make sure to let me know in advance. Would be fun to have you around to share fooding experience.


  • Cabbage
  • Rice (I used healthy brown rice)
  • Potatoes
  • Chicken Thigh Filets
  • Beets
  • Ground Beef
  • Bell Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning
  • Tomato Paste
  • Vinegar
  • Mushrooms
  • Fresh greens (dill and parsley) – I forgot to buy it so I didn’t use it

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4459 20130424-170206 1First and foremost you need to prepare dough. It must rise for about 2 hours. So, within 2 hours you can be working on other things. To make dough you need to add sugar, flour, yeasts, and warm water into a pan. Then cover a pan and put it in a warm place. Let it rise for while.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4460 20130424-170223 1Then you need to prepare a pot with hot water so you can start boiling some cabbage in it. Basically, you are just softening the leaves of the cabbage so you can later add stuffing in them and wrap them and cook them.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4462 20130424-170227 1Cook 2 cups of rice. Make sure it is a little under cooked, because you will continue cooking later when it is wrapped in the cabbage leaves. So, turn down the fire and let it stay in a slightly boiling water for a while.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4463 20130424-170230 1Wash potatoes and cut them up on small cubes for Borstch.
B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4464 20130424-170234 1Typically for a traditional Ukrainian borstch we use Beef. However, because I love chicken very much, I substituted my Beef with chicken filets. Still tasted yummy.
B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4465 20130424-170237 1Before actually boiling cabbage, you need to make sure that the heart of it is cut out, as shown in the picture.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4467 20130424-170244 1Wash beets and put them in the pot. They will need to cook for about 40 minutes. Meanwhile, you can continue making your other dishes. You will need to learn how to multitask if you want to feed a group of people in two-three hours with a very nice delicious 5 course meal.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4469 20130424-171101 1Once your dough arosed (about 1 hour), you will need to add more flour, eggs, warm milk, butter and mix it until the dough does not stick to you fingers.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4470 20130424-171219 1After your dough does not stick to your fingers, you can splash some oil on the top of it and using your knockles, fist it down. After you have done so, you will need to cover your dough and let it stay like that for another hour.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4475 20130424-171339 1Cut onions and start frying them until caramel folor.

B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4477_20130424-171508_1.JpgMeanwhile, while onions are frying, dough is rising, beets are boiling, cabbage is cooking, prepare carrots by shredding them through the cheese grader. You will need to add them eventually into the frying pan with onions.

B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4479_20130424-171512_1.JpgOnce your rice is half way cooked, mix it with your ground beef and spices.

B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4480_20130424-171515_1.JpgAdd carrots into the frying pan with onions. After carrots become slightly soft, add your favorite spices.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4482 20130424-171522 1Shred cabbage for borstch and add it to a pot with hot boiling water where you first added salt.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4484 20130424-171526 1Wash beets branches and cut them up into small chunks.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4485 20130424-171529 1After 5 minutes of cooking cabbage, add beets stems, onions with carrots and potatoes into boiling water.

B2Ap3_Thumbnail_Cimg4487_20130424-171533_1.JpgMeanwhile, you also have to spare some carrot-onion mix for our cabbage wraps. So, add your mix into rice-beef mix and add additional spices as needed. Mix it well.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4488 20130424-171536 1Add tomato paste into your boiling water with vegetables..

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4489 20130424-171540 1Check if your beets are cooked by poking them with a fork. If the fork goes easy through them, then it means that beets are cooked. Put the pot under the water to cool them down so you can easily shred them through a cheese grader.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4490 20130424-171543 1Turn down your range and add two teaspoons of vinegar and spices as needed. Vinegar and tomato paste is needed so borstch preserves the color from beets.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4491 20130424-172403 1Add mushrooms almost at the end of your cooking. I typically add them at the end of every dish I cook because they remain crunchy at the end of cooking.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4492 20130424-172434 1At the end of your borstch cooking, add beets and garlic.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4496 20130424-172525 1So, borstch is done, now we have to roll our cabbage rolls called holubtsi. Have you leaf of cabbage on your palm, then add a tablespoon of your stuffing (rice, ground beef, vegetables).

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4498 20130424-172529 1Put some leaves at the bottom of your slow cooker and start laying down cabbage wraps tight to each other.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4501 20130424-172533 1After your slow cooker is filled, add tomato paste at the top and hot boiling water, so it covers fully the pot.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4503 20130424-172539 1Turn on your slow cooker and cook on high for about 4:30 hours.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4468 20130424-170247 1Meanwhile, watch your dough, to make sure it does not run away from your pot.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4505 20130424-172747 1Lay down nicely dough and start rolling long strips so you can lay them around your dough for decorations.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4519 20130424-172758 1Prepare the dough for vareniki and pelmeni (raviolis with cooked potatoes and ground beef).

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4518 20130424-173552 1Cut small circles with a glass and add stuffing in each, then stick it with your fingers together. Because I had a special tool to do that, I made a bunch of them very quicly.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4516 20130424-172751 1Check on your bread if it is cooked by poking through with a long wooden fork or knife. If the dough does not stick, then bread is cooked.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4520 20130424-172804 1Because I had so much potatoe mix left. I had to make something out of it. So, I added two eggs and some flour into the potatoe mix. Made small rolls and added meat inside.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4526 20130424-172815 1Then I rolled those potato rolls in flour and put on the frying pan with oil in it.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4529 20130424-172821 1Right before your guests come, boil some water and add some salt in it. Then cook your vareniki and pelmeni.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4533 20130424-173844 1Serve your meal to your guests. The table should be full with dishes.

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4535A 20130424-173928 1Here is the list of dishes: borstch, stuffed potato cuttlets, cabbage rolls, spinach salad with fruit in it, Ukrainian easter bread, pelmeni, vareniki .

B2Ap3 Thumbnail Cimg4537 20130424-173938 1At the end of the day, after a few hours of cooking, everyone should be happy. There was enough meal to keep feeding everyone in the group of 5 for entire week.
Buene Appetite!

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