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With Vitaly Magidov travels, he was inspired enough to write a poem called “Where to go?” But the meaning of the poem is slightly different from what you might have thought.

Sometimes in life I think I’m in heaven,
Happy in time and forward I’m moving.
Sometimes in life I feel I’m alone;
And I ask myself, “Where do I go?”

Where do I go from pain and tears?
Where do I go from today’s fears?
Where do I go? Where can I belong?
Where do I go? I don’t know! I don’t know!

I’d like to go where everyone’s happy,
Where life is present and isn’t so messy,
Where peace and joy are always present,
Where love is the price for being so pleasant.

I’d like to go where patience is virtue,
Where kindness and fun are always well-nurtured,
Where vital dreams in life come true,
And evil, and anger, and crimes are doomed.

So, I will go forward with the strength in my hands
To overcome obstacles and a thought “Yes I can!”,
And “Where do I go?” will become just a thought.
It will lead me to places where I want to be brought.

So I will go forth with peace in my mind
Because I know I am the light;
Because I know I create happy places
Where others can come and feel like in heaven.

Author Vitaly Magidov

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