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Vitaly Magidov reflections on his dreams and past and the future.

Sometimes I write and think about good old times
Lived through the experiences and some fun nights
But my life was gloomy and a bitch at times
And I can’t just stop but write and think at nights.
I think about dreams that I have not dreamed
I think about a family that I have not had
I think about times that I have not lived
And I think about those moments that I have missed.
I’ve written some stories that I could have lived
I’ve written my poems that I should have read
I’ve written about life that I could have dreamed
I’ve dreamed about things that I couldn’t have had.
I think I will continue to write and believe
About the things that I think I can achieve
I think that in writing I will find my peace
And in my thinking, I will find a belief.
A belief in this life and the things that it gives
A belief in the people who help me to dream
My belief in myself and in those who have lived
For me and my songs to be heard and be believed.
So i will take a pan and continue to write
As long as I live, dream, laugh and smile
I will continue to think about those lives
That can give some essence to others and mine.
So I think I’ll write a really short song
With a happy ending, that can be sang along
And I know that just somewhere in that short song
I will dream my own dreams for not too long.


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